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Dog Calming Supplement Helps With Aggressive Behavior

Aggressive behavior in a dog is a normal form of canine communication similar to human frustration or anger. Like us humans, aggressive behavior occurs in every dog.

We are proud of our calming formula, on its own the results we hear about are both awesome and dissapointing.  We always advocate that although the natural ingredients will work well with most dogs, a training regime is also neccesary,  more so when it comes to aggressive behavior.  The following is a useful article packed with some great dog training tips you should try.

While some breeds are born with a greater tendency to become aggressive, problems usually occur in homes that knowing or unknowingly encourage the development of a dog’s aggressive behavior.

It’s important to know what is going on when your dog show aggression, biting unwelcome strangers in your house is justifiable aggression. But if he bites the postman or you when you push him off the couch, that is certainly a crime!

There are basically 3 main types of aggressive behavior shown in dogs namely, dominance aggression, possessive aggression and territorial aggression.

Dominance and possessive aggression are one of the most common reasons why dogs growl at or even worse bite their owners. This type of behavior does not develop in a vacuum and is always a result of the dogs’ interaction with its environment and owners. The dog has been accessing his position for some time and decided to challenge you for the alpha leader position.

If your dog is showing aggressive behavior towards you or any family members, he has to be brought down to earth again. You must let him know that he is the lowest ranking member in the family:

1. Avoid physical punishment if possible, it is too provocative and may make matters worse.

2. Review your relationship with your dog to determine why your dog is challenging you. Do remedial steps to assume to role of the alpha leader role again:

- You must eat first before your dog does.

- You must go through doorways first.

- Do not let your dog win you in games of strength. (Tug-of-war, wrestling)

- Do not let your dog assume a superior position against you. For example, you lying on the floor while your dog’s two paws pressing against your chest.

- Set & enforce your house rules consistently, let him know that he has rules to follow.

Territorial aggression is display by dogs that are fiercely overprotective. Prevent this problem by introducing and socializing your dog when he’s young to break down his suspicion of strangers. Try to expose your dog to more things and different people, which means bring him out more often! Let your dog know that these people are harmless and his territorial aggressiveness will died down naturally.

If you are unsure of your dog’s behavior when you bring him out to the public, be sure to put him on a leash and muzzle if necessary. This is to not only to safe guard the general public but also your dog. More often than not, dogs are always put to death should they bite and injure someone. No "ifs" No "buts"!

Lastly, remember that aggression is no small problem and need to be seriously dealt with. If you are losing control over your dog or feel that he by and large outsmarts you, seek professional help and advice immediately.

The calming formula can be a very useful tool when it comes to an aggressive dog as the natural ingredients will take a lot of the sting out of the mood.  Remember however that this behaviour should be dealt with as a matter of urgency.  The above tips are a great starting point...