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Skin and Coat Supplement For Dogs

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A family dog is a wonderful addition to the family and it is so much fun to watch them grow from puppyhood to adulthood. What we often forget is what these animals give to us. Aside from the pleasure of owning them, and the amusement they provide with their own unique personalities, they give us their love and loyalty. All they expect from us is some love in return which we can so readily show by providing them with a good home, good food and looking after their health so they can remain happy.

Our canine friends are not without their own unique health problems, with some being more serious than others. These can range from serious to annoying. A good example is dry itchy skin. This isn't reserved just for the older or aging dogs either, as even pups can be struck with this annoying condition.
Anyone who has a dog in the family is not going to want to be without Pet-Plicity's Liquid Skin & Coat Supplement for Dogs. If you aren't already dealing with a dog dry skin problem then there is a real risk that you soon could be, and having this product on hand is going to give you the immediate solution. Then you won't have to deal with the side effects of the dry skin which is itching either. This product is going to help to stop the problem from continuing, and then help to eliminate the risk of it returning.

There are many different reasons as to why the dry skin and itching could be happening, and of course, you are going to want to get to the bottom of this. Being able to help bring instant relief while doing so will be most beneficial to both you and your canine friend and that is exactly what Pet-Plicity's Liquid Skin & Coat Supplement for Dogs will do.

Product Description

• Contains no harsh chemicals
• Better absorbency due to its liquid form compared to traditional pills and chews
• Accurate dispensing can be relied on with its 118 pre-measured doses
• Mixes easily with the pet's food
• Don't enjoy the mild taste when compared to many other nasty tasting supplements
• Made in the USA in a FDA approved facility
• Can be used for either dogs or cats

Pet-Plicity's Liquid Skin & Coat Supplement for Dogs is comprised of the highest quality of ingredients that have been proven to improve the dog's dry skin, remove the itch, and restore the coat back to its natural beautiful shine and healthy looking appearance.

Pet-Plicity's Liquid Skin & Coat Supplement for Dogs can help to deal directly with the dry skin and itching.....
• Helps to balance the dog's metabolism
• Encourages the growth of new hair
• Puts the shine back in a coat that has become dull and lifeless looking
• Promotes circulation that provides precious nutrients for skin health
• Provides relief from itching caused by hot spots, fungal conditions and many other common skin conditions in dogs
• Aids with cellular and tissue repair that may be needed as a result of the dog's incessant scratching and irritation

Pet-Plicity's Liquid Skin & Coat Supplement for Dogs can help to reduce the effects of many canine health ailments and conditions...
• aids in reducing inflammation for joint and cartilage problems and ailments such as arthritis
• can reduce the growth of yeast infections
• can reduce the effects of allergies and autoimmune conditions
• helps to reduce the possibility of ulcerative colitis
• helps to lessen the effects of inflammatory bowel disease

Helps to heal conditions such as...

  •  gingivitis
  •  tonsillitis
  • diabetes
  • Promotes healing of... wounds
  •  drawing out pus
  •  ulcers
  •  fistulas
  • respiratory tract infections
  • bladder problems
  • urinary tract infection
  • kidney stones
  • prostate problems

Pet-Plicity's Liquid Skin & Coat Supplement for Dogs can help to enhance the overall health of the dog at any age...

• boosts the immune system
• supports connective tissue
• strengthens the cardiovascular system
• can help to prevent night blindness
• can help to prevent cataracts
• aids in fertility
• slows down the aging process
• supports cellular and respiratory health
• strengthens brittle bones and nails
• improves brain oxidation,
• helps puppies learn better


• Vitamin A
• Vitamin E
• Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acids
• Horsetail Grass
• Biotin is an essential B vitamin and enzyme
• Linoleic Acid
• Oleic Acid.


Apply 1 pump (1 mL) per 25 pounds of pet. Apply daily to pet food.




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