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Canine Wellness Formula

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Vitamins for Dogs

Knowing whether your dog is getting enough nutrition in their food can be quite a challenge for you as the dog owner. Your dog has no way of telling you that they are feeling poorly or that they don't have the energy to play with you as you would like.

 It is also most difficult to tell exactly what nutrients your dog is getting from reading the labels of their food as they can be complex. Pet food can be very expensive and often many individuals rely on buying what is on sale or perhaps a generic brand, which may be putting the dog at risk for getting the nutrition that they need just from their food.

For the young to adult dog for the most part their food is going to give them what they need, but the real problem arises for the aging dog. They have gotten to an age where their body is beginning to break down and they need some extra help to sustain it, so they can enjoy the years they have left.

 To compensate for this one can use our Pet-Plicitiy Canine Wellness Vitamins that will help to ensure that your canine friend is getting everything that they need to sustain a happy and healthy life, and to help prevent many potential medical conditions that they may be subject to.

Our Pet-Plicitiy Canine Wellness Vitamins can assist in taking all of the guesswork out of what you're dog needs. In addition to this administering this product to your dog is quick and simple and accurate.

Product Information

Vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants are the powerhouse supplies needed to enhance your senior dog's health.

Can help to slow down the progression of the aging dog's body

Could help to reduce the effects of common ailments that the aging dog is subjected to like arthritis and sore muscles and joints

Liquid formula allows for easily administering

Pre-measuring pump for accurate dosage

Easier on the digestive system when compared to other dog vitamins that are in pill or chewable forms.

USA made in a FDA approved facility


What it Will Do For Your Dog?

While your dog may not be able to talk, actions speak louder than words. This is going to be the testimony that the Pet-Plicitiy Canine Wellness Vitamins is doing its job.

  • You may soon begin to notice that your dog appears more alert. This may be because the discomfort of what they were feeling from simple aging is slowing down.


  • You may find that they are moving around more. They may now have more energy because their body is getting more of the nutrients that it is demanding more of.


  • You may find that your canine friend has a better appetite which will further enhance their condition.

It used to be that many experts felt that the older dogs didn't require vitamins or a lot of food because the senior dogs were not as active. What may not have been realized is they were less active because they weren't getting the extra boost that products like Pet-Plicitiy Canine Wellness Vitamins can offer.

What will giving Pet-Plicitiy Canine Wellness Vitamins to your dog do for you?

  • You aren't going to be guessing any longer whether your best canine friend is getting all that they need nutrition wise to keep them comfortable and in better health.


  • You are going to feel good when you dog possibly seems more alert and doesn't want to be spending the majority of their day sleeping.


  • You may be pleasantly surprised to see that you dog wants to go for a car ride once again because it's not as difficult for them to get into the vehicle.


  • You will be extremely happy if you can discover that your dog wouldn't mind playing a little more than what they have been doing.


  • Vitamin C,
  • Vitamin E (tocopherol),
  • Glycine,
  • Glutamic Acid,
  • Green Tea (Camella sinensis) Extract,
  • Arginine

    Vegetable glycerin,
  • Purified Water,
  • Natural flavors,
  • Potassium sorbate,
  • Vegetable gum,
  • Benzoic acid



Apply 1 pump (1 mL) per 25 pounds of pet. Apply daily to pet food.


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